My name is Jiří Študent, I was born in 1989 and I’m an iron enthusiast since 2006. At first, I just wanted to gain some muscle in my upper body, but after some time it wasn’t good enough. I started to train my legs and back too and fell in love with strength training. I trained at home only with a barbell and dumbbells in improvised conditions. For your amusement, I made a bench out of stools, two chairs, and soft cubes. I trained pull-ups in the laundry room on a clothesline. But my passion for iron was all the greater and that didn’t change to this day.

I made a lot of mistakes in my early days and the internet was my only source of information. After a few years, I learned enough English to start studying articles and training videos from USA and UK and that took me to another level of knowledge. My strongest and most favorite lift is the deadlift. It is also the only lift I’ve ever competed in.

Competitions and qualifications:

  • 2011 – Zlobr cup Sedlčany – Deadlift 1 x 225 kg at 90 kg BW
  • 2012 – Zubr cup Přerov – Deadlift 1 x 230 kg at 82 kg BW
  • 2013 – Nutritionist course in Kondice Pro Czech Budweis
  • 2018 – Coaching course with accreditation of the MŠMT in BCross gym Czech Budweis

Personal records:

Squat: 4 x 200 kg

Benchpress: 10 x 100 kg, 5 x 115 kg

Deadlift: 5 x 230 kg, 1 x 270 kg

Trap bar deadlift: 1 x 330 kg